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We install water softeners systems

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  • We will save you time and money
  • We provide friendly and reliable service
  • We  come to your home or place of work
  • Fully qualified professional plumbers
  • Latest up to date equipment
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  • Highest quality customer service
  1. Repair piping systems from water to gas to drain lines.
  2. Installation of fixtures for toilets to showers and sinks. We can provide the fixture or install yours.
  3. If it drips it can be repaired.
    Repair Leaks
  4. From troubleshooting to replacement. We are your one stop for all things water heaters.
    Water Heaters/Boilers
Satisfied Customers
What You Can Expect
" Several plumbers came to our house and tried to fix the issued with the water heater. Each one charged for their service but couldn't fix the problem. Finally, we contacted Larry at Northwest Repair Services and the problem was fixed in less than an hour. We live in Sun City and even got a senior citizen discount."
- Jim and Pam Owens
" The gas system at our apartment complex was shut down due to a fire, Larry from Northwest Repair Services was awesome and was always keeping me and my team in the loop of what was happening. He was a joy to work with and did a great job. I did not want that to go unnoticed."
- Kristine McPhail
Apartment Manager
We have over 25 years of experience and second generation in the plumbing business. Our services range from changing a faucet washer to repairing boilers and pump systems. Drain cleaning and camera inspections.
Contact us for all of your plumbing needs!
  1. 365 Days a Year Service Coverage
  2. Highly trained and professional plumbers
  3. Sewer service, repair, and installation
  4. Water heaters installation, repair, and replacement
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#1 Plumbers in Georgetown, TX

Plumbing problems have a way of ruining your entire day. A single leak can damage wooden floors, drywall, create pockets of mold, and cause the metal to rust. Some issues can even be a fire hazard, especially if they’re near electrical outlets or appliances. That’s why you need a reliable professional to help with this task.
At Northwest Plumbing Services, we can help with different kinds of plumbing installations effectively. Once our task is complete, you won’t need to worry about additional repairs in the near future.
What Services Do We Provide?
As the #1 plumbers in Georgetown, TX, we’re a one-stop shop for all your plumbing requirements. No matter how big or small your problem is, just give us a call and we’ll make sure it is fixed. Here’s a brief look at our services:
Plumbing repairs – Whether you have a leaking faucet or a broken main, we can help with repairs. Plumbing repairs include everything from accidental pipe bursts, sewage backup, basement flooding, slow drainage, etc. Just explain your problem to us and we will handle the rest.
Water heater – Water heaters are designed to be resilient, capable of withstanding several years of consistent use. Unfortunately, they do develop problems over time and we can help with that. Expert plumbers can take care of poor heating, a malfunctioning thermostat, rust-colored water, and other such problems easily.
Boilers and pumps – Boilers and pumps are prone to rust, clogs, and malfunctions, especially if they’re old or exposed to hard water. We can repair or replace them so you have a properly functional boiler once again.
Drain cleaning – Drain clogs are some of the most common plumbing problems. As the #1 plumbers in Georgetown, TX, we have the training, equipment, and skill needed to take care of different clogs.
We also provide excellent gas lines, fixture installation, and consultation services. You can come to us for advice or a second opinion on current plumbing projects. We will offer expert, unbiased solutions as well as a straightforward quote that doesn’t have any hidden costs.
Why Hire Us?
We’re the #1 plumbers in Georgetown, TX, trusted by local clients to do a good job quickly. Here are some reasons why you should hire Northwest Plumbing Services:
24/7 emergency services with a responsive customer care agent always online. We will never miss a call so you can trust us to provide quick services.
Fully certified plumbers are at your service, ready to tackle challenging repairs or installations.
We use the latest equipment, good quality replacement parts, and proven techniques to resolve issues. This ensures you get long-lasting repairs.
Our plumber can come to your place of work or home. They will arrive in a fully-equipment van so clients don’t have to deal with multiple trips.
If you want to know more about our plumbing services in Georgetown, TX, don’t hesitate to contact us or give us a call on 512-634-6262. Our team at Northwest Plumbing Services will be ready to assist you promptly.